IT Strategy & Implementation Support

IT Strategy & Implementation Support

Strategy is concerned with setting the overall directions for the business and IT, including goals, guidelines and standards to be adopted. IT Strategy is the forward looking guiding discipline that describes how IT will be organized, governed, prioritized, and measured to support the business.

In a client engagement, we seek to guide each of their overall business goals / strategies such as increasing customer retention, by (a) defining applicable standards, e.g. reporting standards, (b) examining the required business / technology changes (c) identifying how these fit into a number of discrete projects, e.g. building a DW / BI, and (d) understanding how each project will be supported by a variety of systems solutions, including information / data, applications functions, hardware platforms, networks, security, and so on.

IT Strategy aims to find and deal with a clients’ business or IT mismatches between where the client is today (As-Is) and their desired future state(s) (To-Be). This could involve just IT transformation or IT and business change… e.g. need to improve poor customer service or reduce sales costs / customer – could be an IT problem, a business problem, or both.
PKF team can assist you in the following:

  • IT Strategy Formulation.
  • IT Strategy Review.

IT Implementation Support

IT Implementation projects especially those at the enterprise level involve significant and complex changes to the way business work and they are typically undertaken to deliver strategic and operational business benefits. They are linked to business goals, and benefits are counted upon to directly contribute to increased revenues or reduced costs. With such high stakes, senior management has a vital interest in project success. Correspondingly, success measurement has extended beyond the traditional on-time, on-budget, on-specification metrics.

Project success today is measured against the delivery of anticipated benefits, engagement of stakeholders and organizational acceptance. This expanded definition of success, combined with senior management’s desire for oversight, brings new dimensions to the infrastructure needed to support effective project management and places high value on independent support and / or assurance that project investments are on track to yield intended results.

PKF assists client in achieving project success through the following service offerings:

  • IT Program management (Program / Project management services).
  • Checkpoint reviews (Staged review upon achievement of given milestone).
  • UAT assistance (independent product functionality testing).
  • Package Selection / Bid management support.

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