GRC Consulting & Technology

GRC Consulting & Technology

Major trends of the last decade such as globalization and radical shifts in business models have escalated the need for business agility while simultaneously posing roadblocks. The impacts of these trends have triggered ripple effects from a Governance, Risk and Compliance perspective. The problem is that most businesses today are taking a narrow approach to managing GRC, leaving them slow to respond, driving up costs, and leaving them to unexpected and potentially harmful business risk.

To address these requirements, forward thinking organizations are taking a broader more integrated approach to managing interrelated strategic planning activities and business risks. Essentially this approach is an evolution towards an integrated program of GRC management and away from the current fire-drill method of channelling scarce resources and management attention to address specific regulatory mandates independently.

In reality, governance, risk and compliance are interdependent and must be managed holistically in an integrated approach. Ideally all applications should operate using a single shared GRC data repository that provides complete visibility across the organization and automates manual tasks.

PKF can work with you to offer comprehensive solutions to address the GRC requirements from both established and leading vendors (SAP, Oracle etc) as well as bespoke solutions, as follows:

  • GRC Access Controls Implementation.
  • GRC Process Controls Implementation.
  • GRC Risk Management Implementation.
  • Reviews of implemented GRC solutions to assess alignment with business requirements.
  • Continuous Control Monitoring Solution (Bespoke).

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